Inspiration Particolare: Monica Vitti

Named after the iconic Italian actress, the seemingly simple design of the Vitti collection took almost a year to develop into four distinct interpretations of uncompromising style and functionality. The leather is luxuriously soft to touch yet sturdy and made to last, with premium hardware components and a considered ergonomic design. These are bags with bold personality, supremely wearable and a worthy fashion investment.


In the ‘60s Monica Vitti suspended time with her style, her stare and her way of being. With her captivating bat-winged eyes. Vitti’s commanding presence transcended the stereotypical ingénue and radiated power as well as softness: she is the leading inspiration behind our
first collection with Object Particolare.


On screen, Vitti seamlessly encapsulated two opposing sides – she was soft and feminine but with an inner strength and quiet toughness – creating refreshing female leads who more than one-dimensional. She filled out her characters with vigour, brought them to life and made them real; complicated, layered and more than just a cliché dream girl.

Vitti’s journey to fame began with director Michelangelo Antonioni whose non-traditional, unconventional films with sparse plots and visually-driven scenes were breaking ground in cinema. The two became unstoppable and it was Vitti’s sumptuous star-turn as Claudia, in the movie L’Avventura, that catapulted her to international stardom. The film remains a cinematic masterpiece and Vitti’s bold and expressive delivery - crystalised in the iconic scene in which she sings and dances madly around a hotel room in love - is transfixed indelibly in the mind’s eye after watching.

Also Vitti and Antonioni’s Sardinian home, La Cupola, designed by Italian architect Dante Bini, played a part in the shaping of the first Object Particolare bag collection. Built into the side of rugged cliffs stands a jaw-dropping concrete globe of a home, overlooking the sea and typifying the futuristic ‘60s aesthetic. The dramatic outline and astonishing silhouette is seen in the elegant curvature of the Object Particolare Vitti collection.



Allure immediately comes to mind with Monica Vitti herself too. Although internationally recognized as an icon of beauty, Vitti could hold her own not just as typical eye-candy or in romantic dramas, but as a bona fide comedy actress with bite. With head-turning comedic timing, cheeky expressions and swaggering confidence, Vitti easily stood up to her male counterparts, such as Alberto Sordi and Ugo Tognazzi. Her comedy status soon became legendary. To this day she is still considered as the only “mattatrice” of Italian comedy.

This is the reason why we’re proud to name our collection after this incredible woman who cross the lines of time, like our Object Particolare bags.


These thougts are reflections of Vitti Particolare designer Petra Langerova, our master craftsman Gianni Piras and our director Constance Ponti.


  • Monica Vitti picture
  • La Cupola pictures: © François Halard