Craftsmanship, timeless design and thoughtful ways of working – Object Particolare was founded in 2018 with a desire for a more considered approach to luxury. Object Particolare produces beautiful modern bags for women with particolare style.

Object Particolare's concept creates a place where designers can express themselves through the extraordinary level of craftsmanship in our Italian leather factory. Just like a quintessential European wine, Object Particolare's bags are the result of territory and uncompromising standards.
Our particularity is to work with different designers bringing us their vision of Object Particolare, while respecting the philosophy of our brand: minimalist, structural, functional.
Our bags are all 100% Made in Italy. They are fully hand-made using the preserved skills and know-how of generation of craftsmen. Each craftsperson handles just one bag at a time, a traditional and luxurious approach to leather products and the epitome of artisanal. This makes every Object Particolare bag unique, just like the woman who choose it.