Object Particolare: About Us

Constance Ponti, Object Particolare's Managing Director, shares what is so Particolare about us!

Brand Story

My name is Constance Ponti and I am Object Particolare’s Managing director. I grew up in the North of Italy, I am both Italian and French. There, I had the chance to observe the ‘savoir faire’ of famous Italian leather goods brands, mostly in their factories. My family has been in the luxury goods industry since… a very long time and still today they produce bags for luxury brands. Two years ago, we decided to create our own brand: Object Particolare. We produce bags with the same quality and same care than those brands. Our project is Particolare because we ask stylists to inspire themselves and imagine their own Object Particolare concept. Our first stylist guest was Petra Langerova.


Brand Values

Object Particolare is an emerging brand, aware of what’s going on in today’s world. That’s why we require that our bags are all made in Italy. From the leather, to fabric and to the accessories, we are entirely made in Italy. Each bag is produced by our artigiani (craftsmen) with love and care, one by one. That is what makes each bag unique: it’s Particolare.


Brand Personality - in 3 words

Simplicity because, in my opinion, the real luxury is to create beautiful but simple things, as they are very truthful. So the craftsmanship has to be perfect. Women wearing a nice but simple bag, will make you look at her not the bag. Then I would say authenticity, because we do not try to follow trends. We aim to be timeless. Do things well, so that they last over time. I would also say comfort. Our bags are not heavy, they are designed to represent the woman of today. The multifaceted woman, the woman Particolare.


Brand Inspiration

We decided to name our first collection Vitti, because of Monica Vitti. I am an actress too, so this woman inspired us. Like other actors of the period in Cinecitta: Marcello Mastroianni… and of course Sofia Loren. Our second collection is named Brera because of the Milanese artistic district Brera. That’s why we chose Inès Mélia who is a French and multifaceted artist, to represent this collection. I recognize myself in these two collections, because I grew up in Milano, in the North of Italy and then I performed on stage in Roma.