Man Particolare: Gaultier Desandre Navarre

Gaultier is a Fashion Editor, Stylist and Creative Consultant. From Shanghai to NYC via Milan, Gaultier is the particolare man behind some of the most beautiful publications

Gaultier is a Fashion Editor, Stylist and Creative Consultant. From Shanghai to NYC via Milan, Gaultier is the particolare man behind some of the most beautiful publications


Gaultier, you are known on instagram as 'Gaultier comme (like) Jean Paul'. This name explains your universe. How long have you been interested in fashion?

Haha - this Instagram handle is indeed a part of my universe as I'm making a great fashion reference and at the same time keep it funny. I have been interested in fashion since the end of Junior High I'd say. I remember stealing a French Vogue issue around 2006 (...) and it was so big and glossy I loved reading every page of it.


From Vogue to GQ via l'Officiel, you work for the biggest names in fashion. What is the path that led you to this?


During my bachelor year, I had to find an internship for nine months abroad and I had my eyes on NYC, so I've applied to many, many, internships there. While I was mostly looking for a communications or PR position, I got very lucky meeting a stylist assistant who would give me my chance and hire me to second her under a big fashion editor at US Vogue.


Your job as a stylist consists of composing atmospheres for models / talents during photo shoots. How do you choose their outfits? What are your inspirations?

I like to think of my job as more of composition of silhouettes and identity rather than atmospheres (more the photographer's job to be honest). I really see my work as a collaborative job with the photographer, a creative conversation where we both put our ideas in a box and mine come out in the shape of looks. I do like to create silhouettes that are modern, always, yet never trashy nor silly. I want the model / talent to own the look they're wearing so it only makes sense to me that my proposition of fashion speaks of the talent's creative identity or style.


What are the particolare qualities of a Fashion Editor and a Stylist in your opinion?

It really depends on whom you're asking this, but I enjoy when a stylist / fashion editor excels in sobriety and simplicity in the construction of their looks: with the right clothing and styling, it shouldn't take hundreds of layering and accessorizing, the look can speak for itself. Less is more.


You wear the Proporzioni Tan. Why did you choose this bag in your daily life?

I've always wanted to have a tote bag that is very versatile and would allow me to wear it both on the shoulder and in the hand: the Proporzioni Tan is the first tote I've ever had that I can carry in my hand considering I'm quite short and they would usually touch the ground... I'm always so triggered but all these bad handles I love playing with them. And the leather feels amazing too. I also love anything grosgrain leather so the fact that the design of the bag would incorporate two types of leather is the ultimate chic for me.


Man Particolare: Gaultier Desandre Navarre


You take part in all the fashion weeks in order to immerse yourself in new trends between Paris, Nyc, Milan...What is the place where architecture affects you the most ?

Paris, always. NYC has this amazing energy but I don't really appreciate architecture as much as in European cities. 


If you had to choose an outfit for Object Particolare, what would you choose?

Long cashmere coat from the Row, simple crewneck tee, cashmere wool blend cargo pants from Brunello Cucinelli: very Italian luxury business feeling.