Woman Particolare: Chiara Maci

Chiara Maci is a food influencer, author of children's books and TV personality. Her contagious smile has made her famous and her magical touch in the kitchen, between home and creativity, has consecrated her as a food star.


We read everywhere that you are hyper-active: cooking, writing, you are a public figure and a mother, a real woman particolare! How do you manage your time?

Everyone always asks me this question! I have the great fortune of being a woman who doesn’t like to sit still, I am always on the go, I like to fill my life with passions, work and time to devote to the children, and I succeed because I am organized. I plan my whole month in advance so that I can always get everything done without too much stress. 


Tastes, colors, smells... What do you feel when you cook?

I feel my childhood, my experiences, memories, travels. Every ingredient for me is memory and I can never think of a recipe as a collection of ingredients but always as a collection of pieces of life coming together.


Family is important to you. In your professional life with your show "Cortesie in Famiglia" for instance, but also in your private life. What is your way of enjoying a dish with your family? 

For me, family is everything. I grew up in a family where conviviality was essential. When i was a child we sit around the table and it was around that table that we talked, ate, argued, solved problems, and I continue with this tradition with my children as well.


You have published a recipe book "Le mie ricette da fiaba" for adults and children. Why did you choose to work with tales? 

Because through fairy tales important messages can be conveyed using simple language. Fairy tales are important for children because as they accompany them to fall asleep meanwhile they leave them with meaning. Then I wanted the wolf to no longer eat grandma but simply prefer a cake. More modern and definitely a different teaching. 


Is sharing your passion with your children and the future generation important to you? 

It’s so important because they will be the adults of tomorrow and will be carriers of the values they have learned from an early age. Bianca, my 9-year-old daughter, already cooks and loves learning about the cuisines of the world. It is really a beautiful thing.


You talk a lot about the strength and courage of women. You have also created a Superwoman poké. Who are the women who have inspired you?

Oriana Fallaci is the woman who inspired me from an early age. I dreamed of becoming like her. I had read all of her books even as a girl, and her courage, her feminism, her strength definitely stimulated me to become the woman I am.


What is your favorite dish?

Spaghetti al pomodoro, forever. 


What would be your particular restaurant addresses in Milan?

Ratanà, Langosteria, Masuelli, Trippa. In each one you eat different things and never go wrong.


Why did you choose this particolare bag?

Because I love buckets. I have so many of them and this Vitti Coulisse Wine is perfect with everything. A timeless bag, just the way I like it.